Paid Traffic & Acquisition

We are a return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) focused team.

Creating a successful customer journey starts with ensuring that relevant content reaches the intended audience. With BDG, our paid traffic, social, SEM, and display strategies reach the right audiences who will engage with your brand.

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Our consultants leverage Adwords, Bing, and Google Shopping to ensure you’re present where and when your target audiences are searching for your services, driving awareness and sales. 

Social Advertising

With effective targeting, our specialists assure that the content you’re boosting, and the services you’re offering, reach as many users and prospects as possible. From Facebook & Instagram ads, to LinkedIn & Twitter campaigns, and beyond.


Driving top of funnel awareness is an essential component to enhance your overall brand reach. Compliment your digital marketing strategies by targeted remarketing on the channels that your users and prospects are using.

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Whether you need

Implementation & Audits

Our traffic and acquisition specialists set up a proper account structure – if there any concerns with your current setup, we will perform a detailed audit. Account, tactical, and structural recommendations are always included in each assessment.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Heighten your campaign performance by optimizing your landing pages through best practices. Conversion rate optimization focuses on marrying the personalization of the user’s experience with conversion analytics – and we identify the solutions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All while building your site meets technical and quality standards, we also make sure that your SEO strategies are current and taking advantage of all the signals that search engines look for.

Tracking & Attribution

What’s a great campaign strategy if can’t identify what’s working and what needs to be optimized, or cut altogether! From Google Analytics to multi-channel attribution, we are able to clearly associate a dollar spent to a dollar returned.



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