BDG Podcast – Ep.1 – Women’s Day

BDG Podcast – Ep.1 – Women’s Day

One thing often stands out when you first walk through the doors of the BDG offices: it’s filled with women.

In fact, until quite recently, women made up 80 per cent of leadership roles within the company (they still hold 60 per cent.). At BDG, women are recognized regularly for the work they do and what they bring to our team, but on International Women’s Day, we make an extra effort to show our appreciation, and use the opportunity to open a discussion.

BDG strongly believes the more diversity you have on your team, the better the insights. We share this with our clients, but we wanted to create something we could share with the world.

On International Women’s Day 2019, we launch our newest project: the BDG Podcast.

In episode 1, we are joined by Sacha, Shaida, Alix, Monica, Josiane, Sasha & Anne, who discuss women in the workplace, balancing a career with social expectations, cultural differences between women working in North America versus other cultures, and the perception of stereotypes.

We hope you enjoy and maybe see something from a new perspective.

Listen to the BDG Podcast below:

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  1. Daniel

    Great episode! Off to the races ladies!

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