Our compelling, targeted communications strategies guide customers through all stages of your brand experience. We provide actionable solutions to optimize your channel revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and boost engagement.


Agile Campaign Management

Our consultants can work directly with your teams, within your office, to ensure your campaign’s workflow is optimal. BDG’s consultants will seamlessly integrate with your business, offering project management, counsel & advising, and horsepower to your team.

Data & Analysis

We break down the most meaningful data using cohort reporting, RFM modeling, as well as trend and behaviour analysis to analyze your performance. From there, we make smart projections and customer segmentations, providing meaningful insights along the way.

Lifecycle Mapping

Every step of the customer journey is a chance to build a connection. Our teams are squarely focused on how customers behave, and how to convert and engage with them using data-driven touchpoint mapping and multichannel communications.

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Whether you need multi-channel or multi-device campaigns, marketing audits, stronger insights into prospective audiences, engaging content or higher traffic, we provide tactical and strategic solutions to optimize revenues, increase customer satisfaction and boost overall client engagement.

Communication Development

We carefully plan and create content that’s highly strategic and every bit as creative. As well, we offer responsive email integrations and automation setup through ESPs like SalesForce, Emarsys, Bronto, SendGrid, Sailthru and Mailchimp.

Account Setup & Integration

All your elements need to work together seamlessly to be successful. Our certified specialists can establish a well-oiled machine with our expertise in designing data architecture, IP warming, account configuration and template integration.


Our specialists are certified experts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and AMPScript, which allows us to train and build self-sufficient teams. We’re firm believers in making the most out of your CRM tools, and we’ll take you well beyond the basics.

BDG products

On top of the specialized services we provide you, our team has its own unique suite of offerings for your campaign, including 1:1 automated campaign volume throttling, dynamic product recommendation algorithms, product triggered alerts and other ad-hoc requests.



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