Brand Leader: Retail

  • year 2019
  • Client Canadian retailer
  • Project Abandoned Shoppers
  • industry Retail / Fashion

About the client

BDG’s client is one of the fastest-growing fashion retailers in Canada with 400+ stores across the country, an expanding international presence, and a growing e-commerce business. Their mission is to connect with customers by offering unique and inspiring fashion experiences at the best price.


With an existing e-commerce strategy already in place, BDG’s client wanted to widen their reach and start communicating more effectively with the passive shoppers higher-up in the funnel.

Being one of the leaders in fast-fashion across North America, the client’s team had already launched an abandoned cart campaign, and re-targeting offers to those who didn’t fulfill their order. However, there was nothing in place for those who abandoned their browsing session or shoppers leaving the stores without purchasing a product.



Map the customer journey

of an abandoned shopper: in-store and online.


Set up the business rules

within Salesforce Marketing Cloud and leverage Einstein product recommendations.


Implement a series of automated emails

to capitalize on any possible abandoned shopper.

bdg process

Understanding the customer

By mapping and analyzing the customer journey, we noticed a large gap in personalized communications to those who were constantly browsing the products but not making a purchase.

We also identified areas to optimize within the existing abandoned cart campaigns; such as the automation rules and product recommendations.

Using the right tools

For in-store shoppers that didn’t make a purchase, we implemented an automated series thanks to the data collected through Jogogo, an analytics platform for physical retail spaces. For abandoned cart and abandoned browse, we applied several business rules to maximize reach and leveraged Einstein product recommendations on emails being sent from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Strategic execution

We implemented a series of automated emails following best practices for creatives and segmentation. BDG team ensured that the new series co-existed with the existing automated journeys andand customer lifecycle mapped before by the client.


the outcome

Full funnel presence

BDG’s client can now capitalize on every single customer that leaves their in-store or online shop without buying.

A new source of revenue for their eCommerce channel

With the launch of the in-store abandonment series and the abandoned browse series, the client added a new stream of revenue to their online store.

Increased average basket size with Machine learning-based recommendations

As part of the emails implemented, we used Einstein product recommendations to match the items left in the cart or browsed with the perfect combination which helps to increase the average basket size.

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