• YEAR 2018-present
  • CLIENT dcbel
  • PROJECT Go-to market strategy
  • INDUSTRY Home energy technology

About dcbel

dcbel empowers homeowners to be self-reliant and sustainable. Their Home Energy Stations bring together solar energy conversion, electric vehicle charging, vehicle-to-home backup power and energy automation.


As a company of engineers working in complex and cutting edge technology, dcbel required support in evolving from an R&D company to a consumer-facing brand. Ultimately, to move from the lab to market.

BDGs experience with performance marketing in a premium category, with a US customer-base made this the perfect partnership to help dcbel evolve into an accessible and marketable brand in a new and powerful market category.



Understand audience drivers

To determine the most meaningful messaging for our target market, ultimately directing who we were going to speak to (geographically and demographically) and what language would resonate. This was achieved via multivariate messaging tests, analytics, market data and tracking top level indicators on ads.


Create brand awareness in the target market

To successfully launch a product in a new market category and create awareness and incentive for people to buy. We did this via running social awareness campaigns.


Build the growth engine

To expand the business, focusing on performance ads, owned and earned media and leveraging community ambassadors to help evangelize the product.


Build connection, trust, and credibility

To build the emotional side of the brand, honing in on both physical and digital experiences where consumers can connect with the product beyond the website.


Assume the role of de facto CMO

To provide our team with the end-to-end alignment needed to do what we do best. This unique partnership, in which BDG manages the full funnel, is built on trust, collaboration and constant communication.

bdg process

  • Agency integration

    Our unique partnership required a well-thought out process to work together seamlessly and with confidence. Currently, we work in dcbel’s offices 2-3 days a week and conduct both weeklys and monthly reviews together.

  • Bring in partner agencies

    We know our strengths and our expertise gaps, which is why we focused on building the best team of consultants and external contributors to serve dcbel’s needs, from video creation to event planning.

  • Streamline project management tools

    We invited dcbel to work within our Jira board so we can work quickly and efficiently. The automatic visibility on work in progress cuts the need for extraneous communication and check-ins.

the outcome

  • Systemization of the business

    We set the foundation, from e-commerce to sales and support to the teams in place and even the company’s CRM function. This sturdy base will prepare dcbel for launch and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Content library ready to launch

    Our team has produced an entire content library that will be critical for dcbel upon entering the market, from product education to video collateral, sales enablement and a 360 website.

  • Healthy database of leads

    BDG has successfully created a strong runway of qualified leads and customer reservations to purchase the product upon launch.


BDG took the time to learn about our customers and understand them in order to set the brand credibility and tone going forward. Not only they’ve helped us to successfully bring our company to market, but are also sticking with us as part of our team to ensure that we achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. They are strategic, creative, and above all loyal to the projects and people they work with. We trust them with all decisions pertaining to our brand - and this is priceless to us.

Marc-André Forget

- CEO - dcbel

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