• YEAR 2021
  • CLIENT Devium
  • PROJECT Lead acquisition
  • INDUSTRY Construction, real estate

About the client

Devium is the real estate promoter responsible for the development (and sale) of the Phase 19 of Val des Brises in Laval.


Devium required support from BDG in acquiring the greatest number of qualified leads, with a restricted budget.



Create congruence across all digital touchpoints

To offer a more harmonious and converting experience across the website (paid media, CRM and social media) and to support Devium’s business objective of generating qualified leads.


Offer strategic guidance to Devium’s dev team

To design a website that is optimized for conversion, keeping in mind the main goal was to capture information of potential buyers.


Work collaboratively with the client throughout the duration of the campaign

To optimize all assets in real-time, offering round-the-clock support and availability.

bdg process

  • Improve website design

    We focused on designing a website that better reflects the luxury brand, and adapted the content and design to maximize conversion.

  • Optimize audiences

    We narrowed the targeting to include audiences in the greater Montreal area with specific interests and incomes, and expanded the target languages.

  • Upgrade creatives

    BDG worked on improving the ad visuals to be more enticing, balancing interior lifestyle and exterior imagery.

  • Develop social media profiles

    Understanding that Devium’s target audience is active on Instagram and Facebook, we built their platforms from the ground up, generating followers, engagement and leads.

  • Nurture leads

    Buying a home is not done on a whim. This is why we built a strategic nurturing series of 6-7 automated communications, reactivating Devium’s audiences, informing them of the VIP pre-sale, and reminding them when only a few lots remained.

the outcome

  • 500 qualified leads

    In just 60 days, BDG helped Devium generate over 500 qualified leads.

  • Significantly reduced CPA

    BDG’s improved paid media strategy also helped Devium decrease their lead acquisition cost from $16.30 to $3.50.

  • Direct contribution to sales

    BDG efforts contributed to over 60% of all transactions.


With a small budget and within a short window of time, the team at BDG went above and beyond their mandate to increase leads for our project. Their expertise in paid media and CRM strategy directly contributed to sales. We will definitely work with them again. They give 100% to their clients.

Joseph Valentino

- President - Devium

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