• YEAR 2020
  • CLIENT F3 Technology Partners
  • PROJECT Creative playbook & Alexa app
  • INDUSTRY Technology

About F3 Technology Partners

F3 Technology Partners specializes in solutions that focus on Data Availability, Data Center Modernization, Security, and Cloud Architecture. With their dedication to superb customer service, F3 Technology Partners designs and delivers cost-effective solutions based on the current – and future – needs of their clients.


Creating an innovative digital piece to engage the target audience was the main guideline.

With the new normal and remote working environment, the F3 Technology partners team needed to develop a new way to connect, engage, and educate the sales reps handling the Cisco & Cohesity projects. In their previous programs, they developed high-touch experiences for an in-person approach. For the 2020 program, they needed to create a playbook that could be distributed digitally while being highly engaging and creative in order to catch the reps’ attention.



Understanding the target audience

In order to create a compelling playbook we first had to understand the target audience and how previous playbooks and BTL marketing campaigns were catching their attention so that we could create something digital and remote that would appeal to them.


Diving deep into the UVP

After understanding the target audience and what worked in the past in-person programs, we had to detail the unique elements that F3 Technology partners were offering the Cisco & Cohesity reps in order to make sure those elements were coming out clearly in the campaign and playbook itself.


Thinking outside the box as a must

Producing a digital playbook wasn’t the biggest challenge, but catching the audience’s attention so they read, follow, and create a positive and fun experience from the information being shared was the real key to success. To do this, we incorporated the creation of a custom made Alexa app as the engaging piece of the playbook.

bdg process

  • Select the creative theme

    With a predominant American male audience that was highly engaged in past campaigns rooted in sports, we decided to create the theme of a playbook and overall campaign based around the strengths of an athlete, walking the Cisco & Cohesity rep through their journey to achieve greatness with a training program specially tailored for them, similar to high performance athletes in their fields.

  • Write the playbook content

    We started by writing the content of the playbook, making sure all elements and differentiators were included. It was particularly important to make sure it was fun and easy to read but highly engaging so that all the information that the rep needed to know was provided within the playbook to facilitate their sales and day to day operation.

  • Design a unique piece

    The athlete theme was the creative angle to be represented across the playbook, so custom illustrations of athletes on different levels and sports were included, making sure the brand had its presence throughout but allowing the theme to take on the visuals.

  • Creating a custom built Alexa App

    The playbook would guide the reader through a training program to become an expert on the field with the lessons being strengthened by questions to Alexa. Every section of the playbook had a purpose and with Alexa and the reader interacting through questions and answers we could engage the audience in a different and creative way.

the outcome

  • An evergreen marketing piece

    The playbook was created to be distributed anytime, without any constraints on the content, visuals, or technology behind it.

  • Creative solution

    The Alexa App was custom built with specific questions and answers that the reader would make so the content was even more engaging and fun to follow.

  • 360 approach

    The playbook was created to be distributed digitally or printed, with an invitation to download the Alexa App through scanning a QR code.


“Creating a playbook that had a very engaging approach with a custom built Alexa App was a creative solution to connect the audience with the content on a new normal where the in-person touch is more challenging. I liked how BDG really thought out of the box to not only deliver a beautiful designed piece but also to incorporate a technology element to it”

Denise Zelt

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