• YEAR 2022
  • CLIENT FieldTurf Landscape
  • PROJECT Website redesign
  • INDUSTRY Artificial turf - Residential & Commercial

About the client

EasyTurf, a brand of Tarkett Sports - world leaders in sports surfacing, outfitting some of the most renowned sports venues across the world - is the company’s residential & commercial brand, specializing in artificial grass and synthetic turf. They’ve been at it for 20+ years, selling direct to consumers, businesses and distributors.


Due to an outdated decentralized microsite strategy, EasyTurf saw a significant decrease in their website’s organic traffic, their Google ranking, and the quantity of leads coming in. All this negatively impacted the company’s bottom line and required immediate attention.

They approached BDG to help them rebuild and maintain their entire website via a more strategic lens, with the ultimate goal of increasing site visits, clicks and qualified leads.



Consider all the stakeholders needs

To ensure that all audiences and stakeholders were considered before embarking on the project: B2B partners, B2C customers, and distributors.


Collect data and insights

we wanted to keep, and what we had to toss based on their website’s current performance and potential. Consider this the Marie Kondo phase.


Prioritize tasks based on impact and effort

To get started on the initiatives that would have the greatest impact, the fastest, and prioritize next steps strategically.


Centralize project management and provide weekly updates

To keep on top of things. With high velocity projects where there are many moving parts and many people involved, we use Jira to centralize, assign and track our tasks. Additionally, we meet weekly to keep track of work in progress and update the stakeholders.

bdg process

  • Conduct an SEO audit

    This was an essential first step to determine areas in need of improvement, as well as quick wins to make an immediate impact such as meta-descriptions, duplicated content, 404-505 errors, page speed and other technical errors.

  • Perform a competitor analysis and keyword research

    In order to grasp how EasyTurf should position themselves strategically within the Tarkett Sports brand, we conducted a competitor analysis from both a keyword and branding point of view. This was key for both brand perception and consumer understanding.

  • Enhance website design and ease navigation

    Users need to be able to find the information they’re looking for intuitively, creating a more meaningful experience with the brand, while improving the conversion rates.

  • Optimize the conversion funnel

    In order to increase leads, and ultimately improve revenue for EasyTurf, we optimized the conversion funnel across all platforms.

  • Review the content

    Based on the findings of the analysis and research, we reviewed the content across the site to ensure that every page has a definite purpose and that the wording was meaningful for the intended audience.

the outcome

With a focus on user-friendly design and accessible navigation, EasyTurf’s upgraded website now offers a clear brand story and strategic path for visitors to seamlessly explore the company’s offering.


BDG was a pleasure to work with because they went all in for us. Their team’s expertise, attention to detail and time investment in our company helped us successfully relaunch our website.

Iannick Di Sanza

- Director of Marketing - EasyTurf

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