• YEAR 2018
  • CLIENT Holt Accelerator
  • PROJECT Paid media
  • INDUSTRY Fintech accelerator

About Holt Accelerator

Holt is a Canadian fintech accelerator and family enterprise of five generations. They connect entrepreneurs to a world-class network of partners, investors, and advisors, and offer state of the art growth solutions through AI.


Kicking off their first year in the fintech sphere, Holt sought BDG’s marketing expertise to bring in 400 applicants to their accelerator program in 90 days.

Holt needed to build their digital footprint from the ground up and make a grand entrance onto the global fintech stage. However, reaching and converting a global audience in 90 days required a dedicated and strategic taskforce.



Identify key players

In each market from manual research and word of mouth. Leverage one-to-many outreach in each network.


Attend events worldwide

With clear KPIs. Balance hustling with paid media campaigns, and use custom social templates to make an impact on every market.


close & convert

Support the Holt team through the conversion journey by leading strategies to identify leads and convert them into applications.

bdg process

  • Heavy research

    BDG set the stage by researching Holt’s target markets, searching for ways to build connections and tailor outreach strategies to make an impression in each market.

  • Agile process

    Flexibility was critical in reaching startups and CEOs worldwide. The same strategy would not work for every meeting or every market. If a strategy didn’t generate good results it was adjusted or left behind. BDG focused on events that drove the most traffic.

  • Leveraging networks and networking

    While Holt’s partners were traveling around the world, BDG packed their schedules with events and Braindates to meet people and make connections. Inside and outside Holt’s network, BDG set up custom social templates to make an impression on potential applicants.

  • Templates and scripts

    To take advantage of the network effect, BDG made it easier for new advisors and partners to talk about Holt in their networks with templates and playbooks. Advisors could use these quick one-pagers to share information about the Accelerator.

the outcome

  • 400

    Over 400 targeted fintech companies

    In just 90 days, BDG helped Holt Accelerator bring in more than 400 applicants to their accelerator program, meeting their initial challenge with soaring success. From A to Z, BDG was there as Holt’s growth partner.

  • A respected digital footprint

    Holt Accelerator now has an excellent online presence, with BDG creating their Twitter and growing their LinkedIn following.

  • A network of value

    With BDG’s acquisition campaign, Holt Accelerator did not just bring in 400 applicants, but a vast network of startups, accelerators, and associates, now all interested in Holt’s next adventures. The quick-burst campaign with BDG will continue to benefit Holt beyond these 90 days.


As our team fully assembled this year, partnering with BDG was integral to our success. BDG took the lead with our growth marketing campaign. They worked with diligence for us every step of the way, and fully supported our vision.

Jan Christopher Arp

- Co-founder and Managing Partner Holt Accelerator

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