• YEAR 2018
  • CLIENT Kinova
  • PROJECT Content
  • INDUSTRY Medical devices

About Kinova

Kinova is a Canadian technology company that designs and manufactures robotics for industry, medical, research, and assistive needs, with a global distribution network covering more than 40 countries . Founded in 2006, Kinova’s mission is to make robotics more accessible to empower individuals with limited mobility and to help businesses augment capabilities and automate tasks to better meet the increasing demands of society.


After reaching out to several Wikipedia content contributors for assistance and expertise, Kinova chose BDG to build its Wikipedia page, entrusting us with this project as their new digital media agency. The mandate was to create the content in accordance to the website’s editorial rules and to the client’s expectations.

Wikipedia has very strict editing standards for its pages. For example, its policies don’t allow companies to place links to their products or services directly onto their Wikipages. Instead, Wikipedia favours independent, verifiable content on the page’s subject. Additionally, Wikipedia prefers more organic updates to their pages. For that reason, they do not accept Wikipages being populated with too much information at once, a practice akin to efficiency-driven content agencies. These circumstances led Kinova to realize that the creation and maintenance of their Wikipedia page is a long-term, relevance-building project, aimed at informing the general public and media outlets about the company and its products, rather than a one-time means to raise awareness.



Fully understand Wikipedia’s editorial rules and processes

so that all expectations were kept in check about the kind of work that was viable around Kinova’s Wikipage.


Explore the best practices to create a Wikipage from scratch

since Wikipedia’s content rules are so specific and pitfalls were to be expected for a first-time job like Kinova’s.

bdg process

  • Scouring the web for third-party information

    BDG conducted a deep search on the Internet to find legitimate third- party sources about Kinova and its products, so that the company’s Wikipage would be populated with reliable information deemed acceptable by Wikipedia. During this time, BDG searched through many different types of content dating back to Kinova’s founding, such as academic papers that referred to its innovations and media reports about the company’s founders and product launches.

  • Working with a Wikipedia expert

    Since Wikipedia’s editing standards are stringent, a global community of expert writers has formed through the years, consisting of people who specialize in putting up and maintaining Wikipages. BDG reached out to this community to partner with a Wikipedia expert who would be able to make sense of all Kinova-related information gathered from the Internet and create the page content according to Wikipedia’s standards. This writer worked permanently alongside BDG’s editing team, so that Wikipedia’s standards would meet Kinova’s during the whole process.

  • Constantly feeding Kinova with insights

    BDG kept in touch constantly with Kinova’s marketing leads, providing insights from the Wikipedia experts and better aligning their expectations about the project’s outcome.

the outcome

  • More relevant information about Kinova

    Following Wikipedia’s rules of citing independent sources added a new level of relevance and legitimacy to Kinova’s information available online. BDG’s efforts ensured that the company’s Wikipage was approved and stayed listed on the site, creating a valuable reference point for the media and the general public.

  • Wikipedia as a motivator to attract publicity

    Because Wikipedia is such a strong information source, working within their rules - i.e., providing information that becomes high-quality, third-party content - is essential to impact the public via Wikipages. On the other hand, having a well-built, sought-after, and consistently updated Wikipedia page is a powerful tool in search engine optimization, driving better results in platforms, such as Google.

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