• YEAR 2017
  • CLIENT Oatbox

About Oatbox

Oatbox is a monthly subscription service delivering healthy breakfasts across North America.


Oatbox needed to map their customer journey and act on it with marketing automation strategy and execution, to target their members at the right time with the right content.

Oatbox needed to leverage BDG’s expertise in CRM in order to plan their next steps and to bring the highest impact in the shortest amount of time. Oatbox implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud and worked with BDG to launch a strategy to increase revenue and engagement through automated communications.



Create personalized customer journeys

using Salesforce journey builder.


Establish a comprehensive strategy

for email marketing channel.


Set up email marketing calendar

collaborating with Oatbox team on copy, design and HTML integration.

bdg process

  • Building an automation roadmap

    Using insights from the Oatbox email channel, BDG created an automation roadmap, identifying series launches that increased engagement and revenue for respective customer journeys.

  • Understanding customer lifecycles

    BDG mapped out Oatbox’s current customer lifecycles, analyzed engagement data and database segments, and reviewed the competitive landscape to develop a comprehensive and dynamic strategy, crucial for the brand’s continual growth.

  • Tailoring to unique needs

    BDG developed effective automated lifecycle journeys, including a tailored series of emails for welcoming new subscribers, post-purchase, renewal, and transactions.

the outcome

  • A to Z

    BDG’s strategy elevated engagement, renewals and revenue. BDG also helped develop Oatbox’s in-house marketing team, advising on talent acquisition, onboarding, and training.

  • Data and Business

    Oatbox gained a deeper understanding of their data architecture, which helped them identify individual objectives to fine-tune their business model.

  • Growing Momentum

    With Oatbox’s overall marketing strategy established, BDG continues to provide support and consultation, helping the brand grow their channels to keep up the momentum.


BDG worked with us on our Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation. They provided support on customer lifecycle journeys, monthly email campaigns, and channel management. The team was resourceful, knowledgeable and definitely a key piece in making our Salesforce deployment a success.

Olivier Gareau

- Digital Marketing Director - Oatbox

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