• YEAR 2018
  • CLIENT Ossiaco
  • PROJECT Branding
  • INDUSTRY Energy

About Ossiaco™

With many worldwide patents in power electronics and power conversion, Ossiaco™’s mission is to deliver energy that makes people live their lives without compromise. The company was founded by experienced entrepreneurs who had previously launched hardware and software products with great success, and is backed by a number of globally respected investors.


Ossiaco™ selected BDG to build a global brand for their business and for their new product dcbel™ - a solar inverter and energy assistant that allows EVs to serve as backup generators for houses. Since dcbel™ had an enormous potential for global markets since its development, commercializing it all over the world was Ossiaco™’s plan right from the product’s launch.

Given that global branding efforts were new to Ossiaco™, BDG was tasked to build the brand from the ground up. The company had spent 4 years on R&D for dcbel™, a truly groundbreaking product, so the branding had to be planned and implemented with maximum care and precision

Energy is usually a B2B industry, but Ossiaco™ had a B2C mindset - meaning the brand should resonate with and appeal to consumers as much as to other businesses. It had to stand out without feeling generic. The brand also had to be ready to evolve with the growth of its products.

Moreover, the client wanted its brand to be global, so Ossiaco™ and dcbel™ had to appeal not only to North American markets, but to Europe and China as well. Because of that, BDG had to take a number of precautions to ensure that its efforts were tailored to these markets’ unique cultures.



Understanding the ins and outs

of Ossiaco™ and dcbel™, such as target audience, market and competitors


Building all content behind the brand

from positioning, messaging architecture, tone & voice, tagline and company description.


a visual identity

such as logo, website, business cards, templates and all other collaterals that reflect Ossiaco™’s brand.

bdg process

  • Not a client, but a partner

    With Ossiaco™ having spent 4 years on R&D, BDG realized that nobody knew the company better than Ossiaco™’s team itself. So collaborating was crucial. BDG involved Ossiaco™’s team in every step of the work, using their input to build every branding material, from positioning to visuals

  • Test, test, and test

    Being an international brand means building a marketing plan that works in Texas as well as in Sweden. Having multiple markets in scope, BDG tested various messagings to implement a brand positioning for Ossiaco™ that would appeal to diverse audiences all around the globe.

  • Getting face to face every week

    We at BDG believe there’s more to learn about a client in one single face-to-face meeting than in 4 weeks of research. That’s why we held weekly touchpoints with Ossiaco™. This was crucial to uncover and leverage their unique perspective and knowledge about their business and product.

bdg’s work

BDG built Ossiaco™’s branding to the fullest possible extent. This means logo, brand identity, brand positioning, collaterals - from business cards and PPTs to report templates - and the website. The result is an appealing, market-oriented messaging developed collaboratively with the client.


“As an engineering-heavy start-up, we wanted to partner with the right agency to help us translate our technological innovations into a crisp, clean and lovable brand. We interviewed at least 15 different firms in Montreal, and BDG was by far the only team that understood the realities of building a brand and company from scratch, and the tight deadlines that come with it. Over a year later, they are still working as hard as they did on day one.”

Samantha Rudolph

- Product Director, dcbel™ - Ossiaco™

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