Doubling revenue and increasing year over year ROAS

  • YEAR 2020
  • CLIENT Christmas Application
    for iOs and Android
  • PROJECT Paid Social Media
  • INDUSTRY B2C video creation app

About the client

Our client is a B2C online digital video platform in which “Santa” sends personalized video messages and calls to children and families around the globe. Since its launch in 2008, millions of tailor-made messages have been sent to happy families.


The client approached BDG with a six figure budget, requiring strategic support in Facebook audience retargeting with a ROAS goal higher than 3X.

Our client leveraged BDG’s expertise in paid media strategy and execution to successfully engage with the remarketing audience. Moreover, due to the tight seasonality of the campaign, the client required round-the-clock support as well as the quick assembly of a loyal, global team to work dedicated hours, even over the holidays.



Assemble a global team of experts with multi-language capabilities

To meet the time demands of the company and international reach of the product, we quickly put together a strong team of dedicated experts.


Conduct an audit of current performance

To establish what was working well, and what wasn’t. These insights contributed to an updated paid media strategy to improve the client’s ROAS.


Perform a campaign structure mapping

To strategically determine the most viable audience, copy and visuals that would generate the most powerful performance.


Monitor the campaign on a daily basis

To be able to adapt and optimize the performance in real-time, given the time sensitivity of the campaign.

bdg process

  • Closely monitor segmented campaigns alongside the client to incorporate their feedback

    Campaigns have been segmented by countries and languages, which requires close monitoring and rapid updates based on client feedback. We met with the client every second day to align on campaign updates and share performance progress. This allowed us to stay agile to client feedback as well as promotional and regional updates, which are crucial for seasonal campaigns.

  • Run multivariate tests using machine learning

    We utilized a dynamic creative ad format, which takes multiple media (images, videos) and multiple ad components (such as headlines, titles, text and calls-to-action) and then mixes and matches them in new ways to improve audience engagement. It allows advertisers to automatically create personalized creative variations for each person who views your ad, with results that are scalable.

  • Adopt a data-driven approach to the bidding strategy updates and budget distribution

    Based on the large audience size and its accelerated growth rate during this specific time of year, we opted for a more aggressive budget distribution towards buyers rather than free users. 80% of the budget was assigned to the Buyer’s campaigns, whereas 20% of the budget was assigned to the Free User’s campaigns.

    We began with a conversion-focused bidding strategy to accumulate conversion volume and exit the learning phase rapidly before moving into a cost cap strategy. This allowed us to maximize results within the daily budget limit, eventually shifting campaigns with sufficient performance data into target ROAS to align with client’s main KPI (revenue goal).

the outcome

  • Improved ROAS

    BDGs paid media strategy increased the ROAS from 3.2 to 5.26, surpassing the client’s expected goal.

  • Increased revenue

    The effects of the new paid media strategy contributed to a 85% increase in the client’s revenue for the same time last year.

  • Growing momentum

    With the onset of the pandemic, where in-person meetings with mall “Santas” were forced to take a backseat, it was important for the client to make a mark as the go-to digital alternative. The paid media campaigns implemented this year will help them re-establish their presence in years to come.


BDG exceeded our expectations on performance benchmarks, brought a fresh perspective onto Facebook remarketing efforts (despite tracking capacity loss) and were available for us at all times, even throughout the holidays!

Alexandre Berard



A Christmas application for iOs and Android, approached BDG with a mandate to increase their ROAS to 3.19 via strategic Facebook retargeting. BDG surpassed this goal with a wildly successful seasonal campaign, moving the needle to 5.26 and increasing the client’s revenue by 85% from the previous year. BDG continues to advise them in their paid media efforts.

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