• YEAR 2020 - present
  • CLIENT Vetster
  • PROJECT Growth
    (customer acquisition)
    Growth (customer acquisition)
  • INDUSTRY Pet telemedicine marketplace

About the client

Vetster, one of the first companies to break into the pet telehealth market, connects pet owners to licensed veterinarians offering vet services via virtual appointments.


Vetster approached BDG to help them reach their goal of becoming the global leader in telehealth for pets. This required a quick and successful sprint of hypergrowth to secure series A and B funding.



Align our scope of work with the client’s goals.

Understand our client's growth expectations in order to set attainable goals.


Determine budget allocation and marketing mix

To help us put together a proper plan and determine the best marketing mix channels to realize the goals. We chose Google search, Facebook, Instagram and Outbrain.


Review budget and monthly KPIs on a monthly basis

To adjust and iterate on our own plan as we collect data and can validate assumptions. When growing a market for the first time our mindset is to be agile and open to change.

bdg process

  • Build a geo-located growth plan

    Our strategy to grow across North America was to align our marketing efforts to the company’s marketplace supply. Once we had a healthy CAC, we opened another market. Within that geo-location strategy we followed a winning formula: a new market, stabilize, open a new market, and so on until we opened the whole territory.

  • Discover other buckets of growth without affecting core KPIs

    Working with the client’s marketing team, we developed a “lab” mentality, experimenting on new platforms and with different campaigns to identify other growth opportunities. This ensured key metrics weren’t diluted by experimental platforms and campaigns. It also gave the marketing team more flexibility to introduce new channels that intersected with paid efforts. Once these “lab” initiatives proved effective, we could graduate them into our core initiatives.

  • Hold weekly calls and a monthly review with the client

    We believed that heavy involvement with the client was necessary to keep everyone up to date on progress and aligned on strategic adjustments. These data-driven discussions helped us re-scope the upcoming months.

  • Implement marketing automated campaigns to secure repeat business

    To ensure that we not only help Vetster generate recurring customers and revenue, we focused on email marketing. Everyone who registered for their first booking was enrolled in a strategic series of emails to encourage repeat bookings.

The outcome

  • Contributed metrics to secure Series B within two years of company launch

  • Healthy client repeat rate due to successful nurturing campaigns


BDG worked with us to develop a strategy that drove growth, while also enabling us to respond to market needs quickly. From the very beginning, BDG acted as an extension of our team with a shared vision for Vetster’s success and positioned us as market leader.

Cerys Goodall

Chief Operating Officer

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