• YEAR 2018
  • CLIENT Victoria Park Medispa
  • PROJECT Paid media
  • INDUSTRY Medical aesthetics

About Victoria Park Medispa

Victoria Park Medispa is a healthcare service based in Montreal with a premium clientele. They have been a leading service provider of safe medical aesthetics for over 15 years in the highly competitive Montreal market.


Victoria Park Medispa sought assistance from BDG to help provide management, strategy, and optimization support for their Google Ads account.

As Victoria Park Medispa’s business goals transitioned from conversion to brand awareness, KPIs also shifted from leads to impression share. Victoria Park Medispa needed to attract a new wave of customers while retaining their existing client base. The Medispa wanted to boost their leads, as well as impression share, while optimizing their cost per lead.



Establish a thorough data analysis process

To understand optimal keywords, opportunities, client base and past performance.


Test bidding strategies, using the data

To target impression share and produce personalized PPC and SEM content.


Suggest an annual strategy

based on past performance data and continue to collaborate with Victoria Park Medispa on copy and landing page improvements.

bdg process

  • Performing a 360- degree database audit

    BDG conducted a 360-degree audit of the Victoria Park Medispa’s database in order to restructure their paid media foundation. BDG analyzed and identified ad copy and keywords to engage the demographic most likely to become qualified leads.

  • Re-developing paid-media plan

    The database audit established an informed, fresh slate for the client’s paid media foundation. With a cleaned up foundation, a Google Ads based marketing plan was put in place to boost awareness and revenue. Based on the past performance data collected through the audit, BDG tested ad copy variations with different UVPs, redistributed the budget, and analyzed dimensions for bid adjustments.

  • Optimizing the bidding strategy with SKAG targeting structure

    BDG developed a new and effective bidding strategy, including content tailored to the Medispa’s target demographic, and working towards a Single Keyword Per Ad Group (SKAG) structure.

  • Tracking progress with agile sprints

    In order to stay agile to the client’s shifting business goals, BDG and the Victoria Park Medispa held bi-weekly telephone meetings, monthly in-office meetings, quarterly reviews and yearly alignments.

the outcome

  • 700%

    Improvement in brand search volume

    Even though brand awareness was not an initial focus, BDG moved fast to address the requirement in terms of optimizing impression shares and ad position. With Victoria Park’s ad performance, BDG was able to create more qualified traffic at a higher conversion rate, while lifting brand recognition and brand search volume by over 700%.

  • 48%

    Higher market share compared to the main competitor

    BDG’s strategy elevated engagement, brand search volume, resulting in an impression share 48 per cent higher than main competitors. With more qualified traffic and a higher conversion rate, Victoria Park Medispa lowered their CPL by 50% while generating significantly more leads.

  • Deeper understanding of demographics and optimization of costs

    Victoria Park gained a deeper understanding of their demographic and how best to engage with them, while identifying a cost-efficient budget strategy.

BDG’s efforts led to a 106% increase in lead volume and a 52% decrease in cost per lead, all achieved without increasing the yearly media budget.

BDG continues to provide support and consultation, helping Victoria Park optimize their traffic quality and develop a cost-efficient budget strategy.


As a luxury healthcare service provider, it is crucial to continue attracting new customers while retaining the existing client base. BDG helped boost our leads and impression share with Google Ads, and the results have been remarkable. BDG has been behind every effort to lift our brand recognition, search volume, and market share. We couldn’t be happier to be partners.

Karine Paré

-Marketing Director of Victoria Park Medispa

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