• YEAR 2023
  • CLIENT Taiga
  • PROJECT Website
  • INDUSTRY Off road
    powersports vehicles

About the client

Taiga is a Canadian leader in the outdoor electric vehicle space. This EV manufacturer innovates the tech that drives everything from mountain, trail and utility snowmobiles to personal watercraft models. Champions of advanced engineering, their vision is to accelerate off-road electrification with their mass-production capabilities.


Taiga wanted to partner with an agency that would understand their requirements, be consistently transparent in their communications, and offer a highly professional and effective approach to their specific website development needs. Working on both Fabric and Salesforce Sales Cloud, the challenge was to maintain their website while developing new functionalities without disrupting their operations.



Guarantee a quick turnaround to all website requests

in order to keep the momentum of developing and deploying new functionalities while maintaining web operations. BDG’s follows an “all hands on deck approach” to projects to ensure both speed and quality.


Maintain a task-driven mindset

to ensure all the client’s website requests are met. Tasks to be executed included: web maintenance, adding new elements to their current design (banners, new sections, new functionalities), deploying a new configurator for their watercraft and snowmobiles, creating a custom checkout flow, ensuring all data connected to their CRM, and updating their CRMs data architecture.


Ensure a better user experience all around

to keep users within the brand’s digital ecosystem. To do this, BDG focused on decreasing bounce rate, increasing user engagement and collecting leads from the configurator.

bdg process

  • Integrate with Taiga’s e-commerce team

    BDG is not about silos. The best work happens when communication and relationships are fluid, which is why client integration is key. Becoming an extension of the Taiga team allowed BDG to keep their eyes on all work being done with easy access to Taiga for quick and effective communication.

  • Act as project managers to keep the teams on pace

    BDG held weekly scrum meetings using Jira across both teams, ecommerce and CRM, to plan sprint deliverables, ensure all tasks were properly scoped and assigned, and that project progress was effectively tracked. Being consistent with weekly meetings allowed both teams to flag any blockers and optimize processes on the fly.

  • Validated that all client requirements followed UX best practices

    BDG worked alongside Taiga to ensure that all implementation requests were strategically focused on the user experience and not only on the company’s business needs. Acting as this sort of filter between Taiga’s suggestions and BDG’s mandate to optimize the user experience, the BDG team was able to challenge Taiga’s decision-making to ensure a client-centric focus at all times.


  • Successfully deployed a new checkout flow and configurator for their products.

  • All changes to functionalities were performed without business interruption.


We couldn’t have made a better choice when onboarding BDG as our new web and CRM agency. They were responsive at all times, highly professional and knowledgeable, always providing us with recommendations on how to better achieve our goals. We really feel they are our business partner and we are very happy with the level of service they have provided to us.

Arnaud Debart

Digital Product Owner

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