Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our compelling, targeted communications strategies guide customers through all stages of your brand experience. Bridging online with offline, creating one seamless brand.

what CRM
means to us


Use expert level journey mapping and lifecycle management to reach more prospects and retain more customers.


Collect, organize and analyze metrics for a better understanding of customers’ wants and needs.


Generate more leads and get more business with data-driven tactics while broadening brand exposure.


Cultivate relationships with compelling offerings, distributed across multi-channel strategies to targeted audiences.


Support existing customers and garner returning business, all while cultivating word-of-mouth credibility.

why we love
what we do

Anyone building a business today is building a business online. Customers live, shop and communicate in the digital sphere, which means that your brand needs to be there too. This takes more than building a website or social media presence. It takes strategy and tactics to communicate your message, showcase your offerings and build relationships. 


Yeah, it’s a big job. This is why you need experts who know the digital marketing landscape – people who understand the way buyers behave online. That’s what CRM is all about – analyzing buyer behavior and utilizing that knowledge to build solid, productive relationships with customers.  


CRM is the blueprint for your strategy to connect with visitors, leads and customers. It identifies key points for connections and conversions, providing useful directives to cultivate and nurture good customer relations at each point of contact. It converts dormant leads that were already paid for through other channels. Simply put, CRM is a vital tool for growing your business.

where we excel

Account Setup

Lifecycle Mapping

We use data-driven tactics to understand behavior and retain clients.

Lifecycle Mapping


Delivering compelling messages to the right audience, through the right channels.


Account Setup & Integration

We help you to choose email marketing platforms, to set up templates & integrate your systems.



BDG will guide your team through CRM basics, to help build and adapt your communications strategy.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

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